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ISO 9001

For Contractors

The IFA Logistics Team offers comprehensive logistics solutions at the highest level. At every step of the way, you can count on the professional help of experienced professionals. Our team consists of practitioners in the field of TSL, used expert advice at every stage of the order.

We provide optimal solutions tailored to your needs, in order to meet the different expectations. Individual approach allows us to design supply chain whether you realize complex logistics project, or perform the occasional transport.

The IFA Logistics company is not only the provision of modern logistic solutions as well as training for the initial qualification, periodic training and certification of professional competence, publications in the field of TSL industry and appeals against penalties imposed by the Road Transport Inspection. With such a comprehensive offer, we are able to provide you with the access to the highest quality of service.

Please valuate the freight or project through the form and direct contact with our team. Working with us, you reduce risk and timeliness of the entire supply chain.

For Carriers

If you have fleet of vehicles and are interested in continuous cooperation, and put the quality of offered services in the first place, we invite you to contact us.

We are looking for transport companies interested in permanent cooperation, which include vehicles such as:

  • Tankers
  • Curtains
  • Frigo
  • Isotherms
  • Mega types
  • Muldes
  • Platforms
  • Silos
  • Sets

We can offer you permanent cooperation conditions, proven solutions and timely payments, including payment type discount on an individual basis. As our partners, you also have access to training and publications on the TSL field on preferential terms, and in case of the control of the Road Transport Inspection, also to the substantial support.