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ISO 9001

IFA Logistics consist of experienced people from Polish logistics branch. We can offer you a powerful solution for every part of your logistics chain – from full truck loads to groupage shipments – for the most flexible capacity options.

We are constantly working on developing our knowledge, experience and relationship that have enabled us to become one of the best logistics services providers.

We offer You:

  • 10 years of experience
  • More than 200 different kinds of trucks
  • The best quality management
  • Support to make the service as efficient as possible

IFA Logistics was positively verified by and joined Reliable Company program, because reliability and fairness in business are the most important for us. This program guarantees reliability and solvency of its participant, and the certificate which we received confirms lack of unpaid obligations noted in National Register of Debts. Lack of these obligations is constantly verified, which makes it an objective information about trustworthiness and solvency of our company.

Our customers can confirm that we keep our word and our cooperation is carried out at the highest level. We provide services to companies with diverse logistic needs, because of our individual approach to each client. We provide optimal solutions tailored to your needs, so as to be able to meet the different expectations.